Pengumuman Daftar Nama Nama Yang Lulus Ukg 2013 Kota Serang Banten

The Zynga toolbar is having major issues this morning. For some unknown reason the toolbar is showing, which looks like a Russian radio website of some sorts. We have yet to get any word from Zynga on what is going on, however, it looks like this may be a hacking. Reports both on Twitter and at various internet forums, including the official Zynga forum, suggest that the issue occurs on both Firefox and IE toolbars. Many people are worried that their PCs may have been infected with some kind of virus via the hack.

The toolbar seems to transform into a black and orange themed bar with the text, on it. The problems seem to have begun at approximately 7:30 AM EST. Zynga is a social network game developing company. Their toolbar is used to access games in a quick manner. The company is based in San Francisco, California, and employs approximately 1250 people. Total revenue for 2010 has been in excess of $600 million thus far.

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